Lynsey Dyer Interview
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 22:54
We catch up with Lynsey Dyer as her Kickstarter project Pretty Faces enters its final phase of funding!
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What sets Pretty Faces apart from past all-female films like Say My Name and Shades of Winter?

  •  All these films are doing a great service. Hopefully the crowd sourced footage will help tell the story from many perspectives and ages of snow lovers!



Besides being involved as a skier in the upcoming film, what roles have you had to take on and what's surprised you the most?

  •  It's been an incredible learning experience to put on a ton of hats. Let's just say making this happen has been the biggest cliff jump thus far for me.



How much footage have you already got?

  •  Some really great stuff from silly dads filming special moments to rad cliff jumps to old ladies dancing on tables!!



Besides getting sponsorship and funding what's been the biggest obstacle?

  •  As female athletes we don't get many opportunities to show what we are truly capable of. So often we have amazing photos or lines that are overlooked for fluffier tight shots or lifestyle stuff so it's easy to get pigeonholed as ski models or taken less seriously. This is an attempt to offer girls an opportunity to be showcased for their talent.


    Lynsey and friends


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Have you already got any plans on which resorts/areas you're going to visit to get footage?


  •   Yes we have a partnership going already called Stomping Grounds that is offering resorts an opportunity to use this season to capture footage of their own hometown heros for the flick!



You have managed to have a successful career and been involved with many flagship film companies. Do you feel the journey has been more difficult as a female?


  •   In a lot of ways it's been easier. There are so many insanely talented men I have respect for who haven't gotten the credit they deserve. My goal is to get more young girls participating by offering them something they can relate to.



What do you say to those who say that becoming a successful freeskier as a female is easier providing you have the talent as there is less competition.


  •  There is less competition and so much opportunity!!! ...but it's not about being a pro - it's about the unexplainable satisfaction and freedom of skiing that we want to share with more girls who might not think they have a place in the mountains.



If there was one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be?


  •  It would snow more...we would have more mountains everywhere...and this sport would be more accessible to more kids and people everywhere:)



What's the funniest thing that's happened whilst filming?

  •  We play a game where we 'ice' each other...look it up.. It's especially fun to get 'iced ' at 7 am in the backcountry.



Favourite ski resort?

  •  Jackson, Alyeska, and Sun Valley!



Lastly, for those who don't know much about the SheJumps organisation you help run, what is it?

  •  Shejumps is a non-profit organisation we created that creates programming and opportunities for kids and women to get outdoors.




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picture souce: @lynseydyer



If you want to help out with the Pretty Faces kickstarter check out their fundraising page below