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Pretty Faces is the first successful female ski movie project on kickstarter. It managed to successfully raise almost twice it’s goal of $60,000 thanks to over 1,000 backers. It isn’t the first all-female ski movie though, with the likes of Say My Name and Shades of Winter (2013) trying to fill the void. Could Pretty Faces do a better job?


The movie has a star-studded line up with the likes of Dyer, Burks, Saugstad, Backstrom, Collinson, Samer and more. It seems to have all the formula for a memorable ski movie. What becomes clear as you watch the movie is that it isn’t your usual ski movie. You shouldn’t come in with the expectation that it will be similar to your TGR’esque movie, which is just non-stop high-octane action. Instead, you get something different but still amazing.


The first half of the movie is a little slow as it builds up the stories, emotions, and characters like a usual movie would but once the Alaska segment kicks in, it’s all guns blazing. Lynsey Dyer and her crew have done an outstanding job in showcasing the raw passion, emotion and sheer skill these athletes have. Stand-up moment is easily Rachael Burk in her Alaska segment which will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up in awe and admiration.


The soundtrack is absolutely spot on, and whilst it’s clear to see that some of the footage is very Warren Miller like the overall feel and editing of the movie works great with the underlying storyline.


If you’re an intermediate or a seasoned pro you will find something to relate in with this movie. Pretty Faces is easily the best all-female ski movie we’ve seen, and is currently on our shortlist for this year’s best movie.