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Almost Ablaze DVD Cover




It won Best Pro Film at this year's coveted IF3 so expectations were high. And boy did it deserve that award. This is hands down the best film we have seen this year and possibly in the last couple years.


This film is jam-packed with high-adrenaline steep powder lines ranging from the usual Alaska spots to the Julian Alps where they managed to convince the resort to only open the tram up for them. They managed to get beautiful lift-accessible lines all day.


But it's not just the usual TGR skiing that makes this film stand out. It's clear to see they've really stepped up a gear. The cinematography is staggering, and there are some fantastic standout segments from Angel Collinson, Nick McNutt and Sage's creative light segment. There's also a unique street skiing segment in the now defunct Sarejavo olympic complex with Joss Christensen delivering the goods.


The soundtrack works perfectly and Durstchi's jibbing segment where he makes it his personal mission to destroy the trees helps make this a fairly all-round film.


There's not much else to say, we watch a lot of movies but we watched this one twice in a day. Watch it now. Words won't do it justice.