London Freeski Film Fest: Recap
Friday, 14 December 2012 12:48
We take a look at how last week's London Freeski Film Fest went down! 
 Photo credit: David Wren
Hosted at the Walkabout Bar & Restaraunt in London, this event had the chilled Alpine atmosphere set in stone before it even began. The UK isn't known for it's ski film industry but this festival is helping putting film companies like Unity out there. It's not only film companies it's helped out though as a host of UK-based snow companies were there to show their gear. With the films being displayed on a huge projector, and free goodies everywhere people were stoked the moment Dang! hit the screens.
The crowd!
Jess Parsons took the reigns from previous organisers AMC Development for this year and managed to get it all sorted in just about six weeks time. They somehow managed to get a plethora amount of free stuff, ranging from cameras, clothing, skis, helmets, and more that Jess claimed that they almost ended up with "too much free stuff to give away!" The crowd didn't mind!
Free stash!
Unity's Twenty Twelve film was a particular highlight showcasing the current UK talent out there, and even though Level 1's Sunny was the last to close out the night and the headlining movie, our favourite of the film was Leg's of Steel Hurt So Good. An amazing heart-pumping movie that makes you want to flee to the Alps as soon as possible, Act Natural came a close second! Everyone had a great time, kicking back the beers and enjoying the food whilst watching killer action on the huge screen and getting free stuff in return!
Jess has already mentioned that plans are already underway for next year's event, hopefully reintroducing AMC Development, and having it just before Freeze Festival next year. We don't know about you guys, but we can't wait!